Recovery Phase Cycle Face Moisturiser has all of the benefits of our Recovery Phase range i.e. loads of antioxidants, pH balanced, hydrating, all natural ingredients with no nasties in it. Plus we have added an additional Vitamin to our Cycle cream. Vitamin B3 helps to improve the skins moisturisation and helps reduce trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). Vitamin B3 helps to support and strengthen the skins barrier function. Recovery Phase Cycle now contains four added vitamins. The combination of Vitamins C, E, B5 and B3 is perfect to keep skin healthy. It also has Zinc Oxide in it which is soothing and a natural sun block UVA&B and increased Shea Butter to give your skin that little bit extra protection on those long exposed cycles.

Good Question. We advise the use of sun creams as well as moisturiser (not combined)

Recovery Phase cycle contains Zinc Oxide, which is soothing, and a natural UVA&B block, as well as Shea Butter which has natural sun protection properties; however, Recovery Phase Cycle does not have a measured Sun Protection Factor (SPF). It is our passionate belief that a moisturiser and sun cream are two very separate products. Sun protection should be layered liberally on top of any moisturiser and applied at appropriate strengths, for the environmental conditions.

Exercise has many great health benefits, increasing blood flow and helping to detoxify the skin. However, during periods of exercise the amount of oxygen used by the body increases, raising the number of free radicals produced, causing potential damage to your skin’s DNA. The combination of heat, oxidative stress, acidic sweat and dehydration can result in dry, sore and sensitive skin.

So your sports moisturiser should:

  • Mop up those damaging free radicals-Ensure it contains high levels of antioxidants such as Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate).
  • Rebalance your skin’s natural pH (5.5)-To counteract the effects of acidic sweat and toxins.
  • Replace and lock in moisture-Ensure it is easily absorbed and intensely rehydrating
  • Maintain your skin’s structure and elasticity-Promote Collagen and Elastin production with Omega 3 and 6 plus Gamma Linoleic acid (GLA). Sources include Rosehip Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.
  • Promote your skin’s cell regeneration-Look for Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5, Rosehip Oil, Allantoin, Vitamin E and Shea Butter.
  • Firm skin and strengthen those fine capillaries-Gingko Biloba helps firm skin and strengthens fine capillary walls.

The short answer is Yes!

Whatever your chosen sport your skin will experience the same stressors to varying degrees namely: heat ,sweat, toxin build up, dehydration  and cellular damage from free radicals.

It was designed to meet the needs of Triathletes, where one sport isn’t enough!

For pure swimmers, our Recovery Phase Swim product would be the best. The prolonged effects of Chlorine or Salt water can be very drying and damaging to your skin.

However, for Triathlete’s and Open water swimmers, I would recommend Recovery Phase. This is because you are largely wearing wetsuits and only your face is exposed. Also this tends to be for shorter periods of time. The hazards relating to open water swimming can be more around the water quality. Recovery Phase contains ingredients with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with vitamins to boost cell regeneration and protect and soothe your skin.

By using a moisturiser that has been specifically designed for your skins needs, post exercise; you are ensuring that you get maximum benefits from your exercise and reducing the negative side effects on your skin. You are helping it rebalance, soothe and protect it. This will improve its look and feel whilst helping future proof your skin, for many more years of exercise to come.

I have tried your excellent face cream. I found it very soothing to wear and it has left my skin feeling soft. The cream absorbs quickly. As you may know, I am not an exercising person, so as such would not normally purchase a product specifically designed as a sports moisturiser, however, I would purchase your product because it suits my skin perfectly. I am using it in preference to my previous cream.

Our Recovery Phase Sports Moisturisers can be applied before and after exercise, to be applied to clean, dry skin. It’s also ideal as a night repair cream. Recovery Phase can be used anytime, not just whilst exercising. I use it as a day cream, under my makeup, as well as at night. The only point to note, is that it doesn’t have a measured sun protection factor (SPF), a sun cream should be applied on top, as required.

Yes, Recovery Phase Swim is designed for use on your face . I have been asked this a few times, particularly from people who suffer with the goggles causing soreness; Recovery Phase Swim is very gentle and can be used in the eye area as well.

I’d advise applying at least 10 minutes before swimming , if using around the eyes, to allow for full absorption , so that it does not compromise the seal of your goggles.

No, we have been careful not to add any nut oils, like Sweet Almond oil / Coconut oil to our products. We have also sourced our glycerine from organic palm oil rather the coconut, for this reason. We have personal reason for not having any nut derivatives in our products, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they do not contain traces of nuts. As many of our suppliers have all types of oils, including nut oils on their premises. Please feel free to examine our ingredients list or email us if you have any further questions.

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