Recovery Phase Cycle Face Moisturiser

Recovery Phase Cycle Rehydration Cream (50g pump)
Elle Mountain biking in Canada
  • Protect your skin against the elements, with waterproofing Panthenol Pro B5 and strengthening Vitamin B3
  • Help prevent skin damage by mopping up free radicals which are produced by increased metabolism
  • Reduce soreness due to salt and acidic sweat, rebalance your skins natural pH
  • Contains vitamins C, E, B5 and B3.

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You don’t know you need it, until you try it!

BSc developed Recovery Phase Cycle Face Moisturiser to help protect your skin against the elements and repair the damage caused to your skin during cycling. It is designed to be used on clean, dry skin before and after cycling.

Cycling can be a challenge against the elements. Wind sapping the moisture from your skin. Prolonged exposure to sweat, salts and toxins, can play havoc with your complexion, causing sore, sensitive skin.

Recovery Phase Cycle Face Cream’s pH balanced, ultra-moisturising, non-greasy formula sinks into skin rapidly to deliver intense hydration.

We’ve packed in powerful levels of antioxidants and vitamins to tackle free radical damage and promote skin cell renewal. Recovery Phase Cycle Face Moisturiser now contains four added Vitamins (C, E, B5, and B3).

Vitamins C&E are the anti-aging vitamins, promoting Collagen and Elastin production. Whilst Vitamin B5 is a powerful anti-oxidant and our new Vitamin B3 helps to support and strengthen the skins barrier function. These four vitamins are what you skin requires to help protect against the elements.

For an immediate soothing and calming effect, we’ve added skin saviours in the form of Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts. Check out all the good stuff and exactly why we’ve added it to the mix in our ingredients list.

 ‘You don’t know you need it, until you try it!’

Many people ignore their sore, dry skin after a cycle ride, accepting it as part of cycling, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you try using Recovery Phase Cycle, you will wonder why you waited so long. Your skin will thank you for it!

Available in limited edition packaging to commemorate Yorkshire hosting the Grand Depart, the opening stages of the Tour de France 2014.

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