Recovery Phase Swim Rehydration Cream

Recovery Phase Swim Cream (50g Pump)
GB divers Jack Laugher and Chris Mears win Gold Medals at the Common Wealth Games 2014 and qualify for the Olympics in Rio 2016
  • Specifically designed for swimmers to help your skin recover quickly and effectively from swim environments.
  • Resists the effects of chlorine or sea water on your skin
  • Provides intense rehydration
  • Cools, soothes and protects

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Taking to the water for sports or exercise challenges your skin as well as your stamina

Taking to the water for sports or exercise challenges your skin as well as your stamina.

In the pool, chlorine dries out your body and face and can leave you with tight, itchy, sore skin all over. Open water sports and exercise can cause even more damage to your complexion, with salt water attacking your natural oils and sapping the moisture from your skin.

Our friends who swim for fun and professionally asked us to develop a product specifically designed to meet their skincare needs. With our highly effective Recovery Phase formula already in place, we decided to adapt the ingredients to be even more beneficial for them.

We specifically designed Recovery Phase Swim Rehydration Cream for use before and after hitting the water. Apply any time during the day before swimming, the Zinc Oxide and Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5 in the cream, effectively help waterproof your skin and form a soothing barrier. Then, when you’ve showered and dried off, apply another layer of our rapidly absorbed super nourishing cream. Helps repair your skins natural pH balance after swimming. Vitamin E, Avocado and Rosehip oils all hydrate and lock the moisture in. Aloe Vera extract is Nature’s antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral ingredient, excellent for counteracting any ‘nasties’ in the water! And, of course, Recovery Phase Swim also contains our high levels of active vitamins and antioxidants essential for skin renewal and regeneration.

Recovery Phase Swim comes highly recommended!

Jack Laugher – Qualified Olympics Rio 2016


“Recovery Phase Swim is fantastic for anyone who swims for sport or exercise. It protects against the effects of chlorine and soothes your dried-out skin straight afterwards. I use the Recovery Phase moisturiser every day to protect my skin from the chlorine in the pool!”

Whether you’re in the water for serious sport or as part of your health and fitness regime, you’ll feel the difference Recovery Phase Swim makes.